King of the Nerds follows eleven contestants as they complete various tasks in order to win the grand prize of $100,000 and to be "crowned" the greatest nerd of them all, worthy to sit atop the "Throne of Games". The show is hosted by Robert "Bobby" Carradine and Curtis Armstrong—both actors from the Revenge of the Nerds films—and uses a progressive elimination of contestants of various backgrounds. Following the first week, the contestants were separated into two teams chosen via schoolyard pick. The teams compete in a Nerd War, an event that requires them to work together to prepare for the main demonstration. Judges select which team is the better team; members on this team are safe from elimination. On the losing team, two players are selected for a Nerd Off; one is selected by a secret vote on the losing team, and the other from a similar vote from the winning team. The two selected players are told what the concept is behind the Nerd-Off, giving them a few hours to prepare by talking to anyone else still remaining in the game. At the event, the losing player is eliminated from the game.

Typical King of the Nerds episodes consist of two challenges. The Nerd War is a team competition, often decided by a judge, with the entire team granted immunity from being elimination. The Nerd-Off is a head-to-head elimination challenge between two members of the losing Nerd War team, with each team voting in one competitor. Once the number of contestants reaches five, the teams are disbanded and the game becomes an individual challenge. Once two players remain, the previous contestants are brought back to vote on which of the two would be crowned. The two finalists are given the opportunity, overnight, to convince the others to vote for them. The votes are revealed after all previous contestants have placed their vote, and the winner is named.


Season 1    Season 2

Network Turner Broadcasting System (TBS)
Production 5x5 Media, Electus
Hosts Robert Carradine, Curtis Armstrong